Arabic wedding ceremony, bride in a white dress looking in the mirror smiling happily
mirrored photo of lady strolling near pool and beautiful tree, blue sky and fluffy clouds
bride wearing a white dress and a groom in a pink suit coming to meet guests at wedding reception
first dance of bride and groom in a huge ballroom with guests dancing in a round
beautiful bride wearing beige dress and groom wearing black suite holding each others hands
naked lady taking bath full of purple and pink flowers with the jungles on a background
bride and groom with champaign wine with blue sky and fluffy clouds and an ocean as a backrgound
beautiful blonde lady with long hair and blue eyes near an ocean
handsome gentleman fully dressed and wet is taking out of the pool during wedding reception
red hair lady is spilling coconut milk on a her bold boyfriend with palm trees on a background
dreamy beautiful lady is taking bath full of asian ping and purple flowers
dramatic portrait of bride and groom sitting an a premium black and white car
posed portrait of the bride wearing a white dress near the orthodox church
portrait of the lady sitting near the waterfall in the jungles of Bali island
bucket toss at the wedding with bride on the left side and group of guests with kids on the right side
lady and her boyfriend are enjoying in a blue waters of Indian ocean floating on a pink rubber flamingo
gentleman wearing pink suit is kissing and hugging cute baby girl
dramatic portrait of the women looking through the window of the business class car
red hair girl is holding her white dress and beautiful bride is admiring her
young women and her husband covering her face softly
lady in a red dress making photos of attractive women on arabian wedding
black and white portrait of a young lady with soft lightning
women and man are opening the bottle of wine while sitting on the beach of maldives
lady is kissing the bride while another lady is touching the cheeks of a baby boy
portrait of a young man being hugged by the legs of his girlfriend
three ladies wearing brown pink and white dresses are looking in the mirror in the decorated wedding area
handsome man is hugging his wife sitting on the sofa
white hair lady is riding the pink flamingo among the waters of indian ocean
girl and boy are dancing with the old man on a wedding party

My name is Sergio — for the last 10 years i am a wedding photographer up to the very roots of one’s being.

I like documentary style of wedding photo when things are going their own way and my purpose is to capture such moments with no interruption. In other words, i am totally against taking the opportunity to change the way people are doing or not doing something (for sure excluding the portrait part of your day). I strongly believe this is not fair to make any interruptions for a simple reason — this is your wedding, your guests and your moments of life. Moreover, i do see the beauty of the moment on its own — this skill is my valuable asset. 
You will get the whole story of your wedding, that i have written for you with my vision. Being funny or sensual, touching or sad, or even a bit weird or scary — all these moment are the parts of your wedding. Moreover, THIS IS the wedding. Natural emotions. Glances full of Love. Tears of Happiness. 

Award winning wedding photographer Sergio Russo is sitting on the motorcycle
Sergio Russo is a top three photographer in Dubai as per the rating of mywed
ParamountPics wedding and portrait photography studio is awarded by wpja
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Best Wedding Photographer in Dubai

I hope that this page represents the way i see Photography, what my values are and what i am trying to transfer in each frame — kind emotions, joy and uniqueness of each moment, that you would be able to proudly share with your parents, children and close friends. 
In case our views are aligned in terms of the way Photography must be, feel free to to get in touch with me and share your ideas! I will be glad to be together with you to make Paramount Pics during the happiest moments of your life capturing the sincere smiles and tears of happiness, short-lived glances full of Love and those moments, when the breath was taken away.

Dubai Wedding Photography Packages

Are you curious about the price range for a wedding photography services in Dubai? I offer custom packages to couples to make sure your most demanding requirements are met. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the rate starts from 8000 AED for 8 hours of coverage. I will be happy to make a customized proposal as per your request. 

UAE Wedding Photographer

In case you are looking for a professional wedding photographer based in Dubai, or the one being able to carry out the photoshoot in other countries — France, Italy, UK, Seychelles, Indonesia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, please, feel free to contact me to discuss your upcoming celebration. 

Wedding Photography as a Mix of Photojournalism & Fine Art for the Most Demanding Couples

Being a great fan of photojournalistic approach, i strive to be at the right place at the right time to capture the unique moments of the wedding. This is an essential skill of any wedding photographer and i can confirm with the hand on my heart, most of my clients have chosen me as a wedding photographer and my “thanks” goes to candid heartfelt moments. Fine Art Portrait photography also plays a huge role on a wedding day, but believe me, it is only slightly more that 5 percents of the whole wedding day. The rest it are sincere moments, smiles, glances and genuine emotions of the couple and their families. Other than weddings, I also cover pre-wedding, lifestyle and families shoots and corporate events.

Destination Wedding Photography

Weeding photography is my passion, though while combined with adventurous travel to iconic places of our planet, it brings state of the art feeling of so called “life is going the exceptionally correct path”. Having said this, i may cover almost any area of the globe, starting from the famous ones — Bali, Sri Lanka, Seychelles, Maldives — up to the most remote places that will require courage and adventurous soul to travel to. 

b2band Performance at Coca-Cola Arena, Dubai