Family and kids award winning photographer Sergio Russo. Sergio Russo — award winning wedding and event photographer in Dubai
Red hair girl holding a beautiful white wedding dress
Blue sky of Mauritius mirrored in a swimming pool and a lady
Family and kids award winning photographer Sergio Russo. Sergio Russo — award winning wedding and event photographer in Dubai
Four months cute baby with a bear toy
Mother with baby and white plush cute bear
Happy mother with a four year old boy
guests playing with baby boy at wedding reception
Reportage photo of kids and a plush bear at wedding reception
A stunning portrait of three year old blue eyed boy
arabic mother and her child in Um El Emarat park
Candid moment of kids looking at table served with sweets
Mother and baby near the great temple at Kazan
A portrait of a funny boy holding a balloon
A black and white photo of a baby and a plush bear
Photo of a boy riding a red bicycle in a park
funny baby boy playing with teapot
kid riding the red bicycle in a park
photo of a funny kid playing with a toy and showing the tongue
blond boy is gathering berries during summertime
toddler sitting on a grass in the park glazing at beautiful trees
Boy playing with a plush toy
portrait of a boy taken at a countryside
Blond boy gathering berries
Blond boy in the countryside
Birthday party for a baby

Family and Portrait Photographer in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Professional family  photography is one of the most interesting and emotional types of photography. Family is a major asset in our life. During the family photo session want to give you the joy of communicating with each other, while capturing the spontaneous wonderful moments and getting this perfect shot at the right split second of time.  

This is a unique opportunity to preserve touching and emotional moments of life for your loved ones in sensual photos. After so many years passed, you will see the photo album together with your children and warmly discussing all the wonderful things that happened to you long time ago. 

This collection of images showcases some of my favorite photos of families that I have captured in the past 10+ years.  My family photography work naturally followed my wedding photography business as clients started having babies.  Through my wedding photography, I have grown close with many clients and they feel like family.  

I have continued capturing these growing families over the years, and for some, have become their “family documentarian”. Family sessions are about capturing the special bond between members.  Documenting those ordinary but unique details that are often taken for granted and yet, with time, will become invaluable.

A relaxed and casual atmosphere during shooting will give your family photography sincere and natural emotion. To achieve it, i will do my best to ensure the light and friendly atmosphere is created to keep your family members emotionally relaxed being on positive wave. 

Family portraits can be done in your own home, in the sand dunes of the Abu Dhabi or Dubai desert, the clear blue waters of the UAE beaches, the old Dubai neighborhood of Al Fahidi or in a park.

Together we will create a photo history of your family…

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