Hi there! I am Sergio, i am wedding and elopement destination photographer at Reunion.

Belive me, i want to shoot the most bombastic and unforgettable wedding at Reunion. Your wedding.

Sergio Russo - photographer at Reunion. Sergio Russo — TOP Wedding Photographer in Dubai
Sergio Russo - photographer at Reunion. Sergio Russo — TOP Wedding Photographer in Dubai
Sergio Russo - photographer at Reunion. Sergio Russo — TOP Wedding Photographer in Dubai

My passion is to shoot in unusual locations and i know for sure that you would like to see not only yourself on your amazing photos, but unique scenery at Reunion.

Also, i have a drone DJI Mavic 2 PRO that will help me to make bombastic pictures for you :)

As a photographer i am crazy about looking for amazing locations and i am really enjoying to shoot at this king of places. And be sure that we are not gonna use the standard touristic routes to approach amazing location where thousands of tourists will be waiting for us))) We will be prepared in terms of the timing and the route itself to make sure that our shoot is done before the location is crowded.

Wedding photographer at Reunion

Wedding Photographer at Reunion

A wedding should be an event that happens once in a lifetime. In order to capture the right atmosphere for a wedding, therefore, it is important to have the right venue. Fortunately, it is possible to plan a once-in-a-lifetime event at Reunion with everything from the perfect venue to the best wedding photographer.

Destination Weddings in a Distinctive Paradise of Reunion

This island nation is absolutely picture perfect for a destination wedding. Located in the Indian Ocean, Reunion posses everything to amaze enyone  The culture is rich and inviting, and the landscapes are spectacular and diverse. Ask your Reunion Wedding Photographer. With rain forests, sprawling countryside, scenic cliffs and peaceful beaches, weddings of all styles and sizes take place on this idyllic island.

Finding the Perfect Photographer for Destination Weddings at Reunion

Picking the right venue is a matter of taste, but obtaining the best photographer to commemorate the event may take a bit more work. There are plenty of options for wedding photography across the country, but it is important to pick a photographer that understands the couple’s needs and budget. As with any destination wedding, it is critical to make sure the photographer will be available at the exact location of the ceremony and reception.

Plan Your Reunion Wedding Today

There are many reasons to choose a Reunion wedding. Do you want a casual beach wedding? Are you hoping for a romantic backdrop with the rain forest? Make it happen, and hire your Reunion Wedding Photographer today.