Series of photos taken at Adaaran Prestige Vadoo, Maldives. Sergio Russo — award winning wedding and event photographer in Dubai

OK, it was my dream as well, though i was sure what kind of thing may amaze me after spending each and every vacation at Bali, Seychelles and Sri Lanka (Yes, i am in love with these places so much)? 

The answer was simple enough — Maldives. Though it was kinda dream of mine as well, i did not rush there as each and every time i had a simple excuse — ok, i need to see Nusa Penida, i need to surf, i need to see that fancy volcano located only God knows where bla bla bla :) 

And finally the Universe gave me a chance to go at this absolutely stunning, relaxing place where you can only enjoy and nothing else is actually possible. You enjoy with a nature — thousand of spieces of fishes that you can find only here. You get up in the morning with only one single wish — to jump into the ocean to find one more secret place where neon fishes are having fun, or may be you will identify the home of octopus? Or you will see how bigger predators are hunting for smaller fishes, hoping they have nothing to do with you? 

Let me tell you one little thing — never listen for those people who say that it is so boring to spend even ten days on Maldives. There are only two reasons why they say this — either they did not find a chance to snork because of fear or lack of experience or whatever, OR they want to keep this Pearl of the Nature as far away from you as possible (don’t ask me why)! 

 Thats it, i am done with expressing my feelings as it is worthless to express more because nothing else you should know. Maldives is a magic place. Period. 

Enjoy a few pictures below and should you desire to arrange a photoshoot for you just ping me a message. Together we will come up with idea and style of the photo shoot and other things that will help us to make stunning pictures from your vacation or, probably a wedding celebration. I will give all my support for you as i always do for people who trust me as a photographer and enjoy the result in the end.